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SEO Cardiff is essential for any digital marketing strategy. With billions of websites online, standing out is tough.

Only 0.78% of Google users click on second-page results.

Without effective SEO in Cardiff, your site won’t attract organic visitors. This means potential clients might never find your site.

At Digitant, we focus on boosting your website’s visibility on search engines.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

What is SEO?

SEO Cardiff helps people find your website on search engines like Google. It’s like being in a big library and making sure your website is the first book everyone sees.

This involves many tasks that work together. For instance, understanding what keywords people use and why. Speeding up your website so visitors have a better time. And getting links from respected sites to yours, making your site seem more trustworthy. But these tasks are just the beginning.

Google changes its rules a lot. So, you need to keep updating your website to follow these “best practices.” Our SEO packages cover everything you need to reach the top and stay there.

More Customers

Millions of searches occur on Google every day. Securing a top spot on the search results page guarantees greater visibility. Many of these searchers are potential customers ready to make purchases. SEO emerges as a leading digital strategy for consistent revenue growth over time.

Long Term Results

When you stop using digital tactics like Facebook ads, you stop getting new customers. But with SEO, you get quick results and plan for the future. Getting a good spot in search results means you can take a break from SEO and still stay near the top for 6-12 months.

Brand Exposure

Becoming a well-known brand can really boost your business. People like buying from brands they know, especially if their friends recommend them. This trust makes customers stick with you. Showing up more in search results helps more people know your brand and spread the word about it.

Can SEO be done yourself?

Simple answer? Yes.
Longer answer? Maybe...

Anyone with enough time can learn and handle their own SEO Cardiff. SEO is similar to any other skill – you learn and apply it. But the real question is, do you have the time? It usually takes a few months to grasp the basics of SEO, and mastering it can take years.

Google frequently updates its website ranking criteria. This means methods that boosted your SEO Cardiff last month might be frowned upon by Google now. Using such techniques can unexpectedly lower your website’s ranking.

SEO is always changing and requires consistent attention. While some business owners might find success learning and managing SEO themselves, for most, it’s not the best choice.

SEO Cardiff Process

Website Audit

We start our SEO strategies by checking your website's positioning. Your ranking depends on things like keywords, backlinks, domain age, and website speed. With an audit, we find opportunities and plan how to move forward.

Securing Early Wins

With your current SEO, we can often make quick improvements right away. This means adjusting or adding content and making technical tweaks on your site. These methods are ethical, ensuring your long-term results stay strong.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Lots of SEO services just focus on bringing in visitors. But we go further by optimizing your pages to turn those visitors into paying customers. Because having lots of people visit your website is pointless if it doesn't increase your revenue.

Building Backlinks

Boosting your search ranking means earning trust from Google. This happens when respected websites in your field link back to yours, sharing their trust. Building these links, or backlinks, is an ongoing task. Over time, it helps improve where you stand in search results.

Local Area Search

To attract customers in Cardiff, it's vital to optimise your website for local SEO Cardiff. This means ensuring your Google business profile ranks high in search results. Outranking local competitors will bring in more leads.


SEO results vary depending on factors like your current position and domain age. It’s not about quick gains; SEO is a long-term strategy. You may notice improvements in 3 to 6 months, but it varies case by case.

Boosting your search visibility opens up a new way to get customers, which can grow your business. Here’s why it’s important:

Credibility: Being higher in search results makes your business seem more trustworthy.

Traffic: Ranking higher means more people will visit your site.

Ads and SEO have their pros and cons. Ads on platforms like Facebook or Google yield quick results, but once you stop paying, the results halt too. SEO, on the other hand, can provide long-term benefits even without ongoing updates if done effectively.

Reaching the first page depends on various factors. That includes industry competitiveness and your SEO budget. After an SEO audit, we can provide a clearer picture of what you can expect from our SEO campaign.

Keywords are the words or phrases people use when searching online. In SEO, they help your website show up in search results related to those terms. They’re crucial because they connect what people are looking for with the content on your site.

Backlinks, which are links from other websites leading to yours, play a crucial role in SEO. When reputable websites in your industry link back to your site it boosts your site’s credibility. This overtime will lead to higher rankings in search engine results.

We don’t offer a standardised price for everyone. The requirements vary between a small local business and a large online store for example. Following discussion and assessment of your SEO needs, we’ll provide a tailored price that aligns with your objectives. Our aim is to ensure you pay only for what you need, which is why we avoid a one-size-fits-all pricing approach.

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