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SEO St Albans is a crucial component of any digital marketing plan. With the internet hosting billions of websites, standing out is challenging.

Only 0.78% of users on Google go to click on second-page search results.

Without effective St Albans SEO, your site will attract little to no organic visitors. Meaning prospective clients may never find your site.

At Digitant, our priority is to increase your websites’ visibility on search engines.

Achieve a top position in Google searches and see your business revenue explode.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

What is SEO?

SEO is a method to make it easier for people to discover your website on search engines like Google. Imagine you’re in a huge library looking for one specific book. With SEO St Albans, your website becomes the book everyone spots first.

This process involves several connected tasks that together form an effective approach. For example, figuring out what keywords people search for and why. Making your website load faster so visitors have a better experience. Building connections so respected websites link back to yours, boosting your site’s trustworthiness. These tasks are just the start of a wider strategy.

Google updates its rules very often. This means you need to keep tweaking your website to follow these “best practices.” Our comprehensive SEO packages cover all you need to climb to the top and remain there.

More Customers

Every day, millions search on Google. Landing at or near the top of a page ensures more visibility. Often, these viewers are potential buyers with ready-to-spend wallets. SEO stands out as a top digital strategy for sustained revenue growth over time.

Long Term Results

Digital tactics like Facebook ads can deliver quick outcomes. Yet, the moment you halt the ads, the influx of new customers stops too. In contrast, with SEO, we aim for immediate gains while also focusing on long-term success. Achieving a strong position in search results means you could pause SEO efforts and still enjoy a good standing for 6-12 months.

Brand Exposure

Gaining recognition as a household name can boost your business greatly. People like buying from brands they know. Especially if recommended by friends or family. This credibility earns you their trust. Increased visibility in search results speeds up the spread of your brand's name.

Can SEO be done yourself?

Simple answer? Yes.
Longer answer? Maybe...

Anyone with plenty of time can learn and do their own SEO St Albans. SEO is just like any other skill – you learn it and use it. But the big question is, do you have enough time? It usually takes a few months just to pick up the basics of SEO. Getting really good at it can take years.

Google often updates how it ranks websites. This means Google might now frown upon a technique that helped your SEO only last month. Using such techniques can harm your website’s ranking out of nowhere.

SEO always evolves and needs regular attention. For some business owners, learning and doing SEO themselves might work. But for most, it’s not the optimal choice.

SEO St Albans Process

Website Audit

The first step in any effective SEO strategy is to analyze your website to understand where you stand. Your current ranking depends on many factors. Keywords, backlinks, domain age, and website speed are all crucial. An audit helps us identify opportunities and plan our next moves.

Securing Early Wins

Based on your current SEO, we can often achieve quick wins right away. This involves tweaking or adding content and making technical improvements on your site. All these methods are white hat, ensuring your long-term results will remain strong.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Many SEO services only aim to bring in visitors. We also concentrate on optimising your pages for conversions. This means we increase the likelihood of visitors becoming paying customers. After all, having lots of people visit your website doesn’t matter if it doesn’t boost your revenue.

Building Backlinks

Boosting your search ranking involves getting trust from Google. This happens when high-quality websites in your field link back to you, sharing their trust. Building these links, or backlinks, is an ongoing effort. Over time, it really helps improve where you stand in search results.

Local Area Search

Making your website friendly for local SEO St Albans is key to drawing in nearby customers. Your Google business profile must appear high up in search results. Outranking local rivals can bring in many more leads. We include optimising your Google profile in our SEO services, aiming for both quick wins and lasting success.


SEO outcomes can differ in timing based on several elements like your present standing, how old your domain is, among other things. It’s not about instant gains; SEO is really more for the long haul. You might start seeing some improvements in 3 to 6 months, but it varies from one case to another.

Enhancing your search visibility opens up a new channel for acquiring customers. This channel can boost your revenue and expand your business. Here’s why it’s vital:

Credibility: Appearing higher in search results lends more authority to your business.

Traffic: Ranking higher means more people will visit your site.

Ads and SEO both have their benefits. Ads on places like Facebook or Google can work fast, but as soon as you stop paying, the results stop too. SEO is different. If you do it well, it can keep working for your site for 6 to 12 months, even if you don’t update it.

Getting to the first page involves many aspects, with industry competitiveness being key. Your budget for SEO efforts also plays a significant role. Once we conduct an SEO audit, we can offer a clearer view of what to expect realistically from an SEO campaign.

Keywords are the terms people type into search engines. They’re vital for SEO as they assist in making your website visible in search outcomes linked to these words or phrases. They are important for bridging the gap between what users search for and the content your website offers.

Backlinks are when other websites link back to yours. If reputable sites in your field link to you, your site gains credibility, which can improve your rankings.

We don’t have a fixed price for everyone. A small local business and a big online store will need different things. After we talk and check your SEO, we can give you a price that matches your needs and goals. We make sure you only pay for what you need. That’s why we don’t have one price for everyone.

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